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Education & Employment

Tableland Veterinary Service has recently been contracted by James Cook University to teach Dairy Medicine and Production to all final year veterinary students. Each final year student will undertake 4 weeks structured teaching at Tableland Veterinary Service. James Cook University owns a purpose built facility adjacent to TVS which includes seminar and tutorial rooms, computer rooms and student accommodation and kitchen facilities. Students will stay at this facility during their ‘rotation’ (2 periods of 2 weeks).

Tableland Veterinary Service seeks to instill in students the high level of knowledge and commitment required to be a good veterinarian.


TVS has had many hundreds of students from all over the world attending the practice as part of their normal veterinary training programs.

Client Seminars

TVS holds regular client seminars on horses, cattle and other areas of veterinary science. Check our website to see dates and types of future seminars

Veterinary and Industry Seminars and Lectures

Over the past couple of years, the Veterinary Teaching and Resource Centre adjacent to TVS has been the site of several education programs.