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About the Malanda Veterinary Clinic

The current clinic and large animal hospital in Malanda was established in 1982 and has gone through two major renovations in 1996 and in 2008. In 2008, a registered equine hospital and surgery and a large undercover cattle facility were completed.

The clinic in Malanda is a state of the art veterinary facility.  It can service the needs of all its other practices and clients as well as providing a world class teaching facility for final year veterinary students from James Cook University. Eight veterinarians work from the Malanda clinic and service large areas of North Queensland.

The Tableland Veterinary Service administrative centre, the practice manager and the main administrative staff work in the Malanda clinic.


159 Atherton Road
Malanda, QLD, 4885

Ph: 07 4096 7500
Fax: 07 4096 5064

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