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About the North Queensland Equine Clinic


Tableland Veterinary Service has been driving down to Cairns, Edmonton, Gordonvale and other areas on the coast for many years.


In 2012, a local veterinarian, Stephanie Williams was looking to return home to Gordonvale and it was a great opportunity to have a local person providing veterinary care to horses in the Cairns area.

North Queensland Equine Clinic is the only equine-only practice operating in the Cairns area and provides care to all equine clients and includes reproductive services, radiology, dentistry, lameness examinations and has the support of the highly trained equine veterinarians at Tableland Veterinary Service and access to the registered equine hospital and surgery at Malanda.

Stephanie has worked with horses all her life and is still actively involved in sporting competitions, although at 21.5 seconds, her barrels need a little work (she is an excellent veterinarian). Steph has worked in Dalby and at Townsville Veterinary Clinic prior to returning back to Gordonvale.

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North Queensland Equine Clinic

42 Riverstone Rd

Gordonvale. Qld 4865

Ph: 4056 4600

Mon - Fri: 8.30am - 5.00pm

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