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Susan (Sue) Stephens

Business Manager

Susan started with Tableland Veterinary Service in 1982 and plans to stay for as long as possible. She has become an integral part of Tableland Veterinary Service and is loyal and committed. She became our Business Manager in 2010 but has served every role within the practice, from cleaner, nurse and receptionist, and has also supported many young veterinarians and nurses over the years. She knows more about TVS than anyone and knows a large number of our clients young and old.

Kasey Clark

Kasey began her career with TVS in 2008. Her primary role is to manage our Dairy Win clients, entering dairy herd data. This enables our dairy clients and our veterinarians to efficiently manage herds, when cows will calve, when they need drying off or need to be culled! She also helps in many other ways, answering phones and helping other administration staff. Kasey is the only person who has worked for TVS who has been crowned Maize Festival Queen! She is also a passionate dairy farmer herself and runs Hillcrest Dairy with her brother James Johnston.

Kimberley Kenny

Kimberley started with TVS in 2013 and works mainly with the administrative part of Tableland Veterinary Service, although when needed she is happy to assist with nursing at the Malanda clinic. Her administrative role includes entering invoices, sending out reminders, working with Russell to help him do his charges and assisting the directors in their administrative roles. She is also the key liaison person between Charters Towers Veterinary Service and TVS, coordinating queries or requests to the right people. She likes to ride her horses in her spare time.

Kate Poggioli

Kate started at TVS in 2012 for a short four week covering position.  She enjoyed it so much, she is still here 3 years later. She is responsible for administrative duties and also for feeding the staff.  She particularly enjoys good quality cream buns!  In her spare time she is a dedicated mother to two children and multiple babies of the equine species!

Jodie Cheesman

Jodie began her career for Tableland Veterinary Service in 2013. She primarily handles all account enquiries as well as general office duties. She is up early every morning to drive the local school bus which she and her husband own together, as well as being a great mother to two children she is a very busy lady.


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