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Cattle Services

Tableland Veterinary Service has had a long and diverse relationship with cattle clients over most of Northern Queensland from Charters Towers to Richmond and north to the Gulf of Carpentaria and Cape York as well as the coast and on the Atherton Tablelands.

Beef Cattle

TVS provides routine pregnancy diagnosis and cattle care for all its beef cattle clients and we travel many thousands of kilometers each year servicing the beef cattle clients. In recent years, TVS has trained its veterinarians in foetal aging and now provides an advanced pregnancy diagnosis and management tool for its extensive beef clients. This enables properties to divide their herds into different groups and to provide specific feeding and nutritional plans depending on the gestational age of the pregnancy. Studies have shown that this enables clients to increase their efficiency and productivity while managing their costs, feeding cattle in a more targeted and effective way. Over the past 12 months over 50,000 head of Northern Queensland cattle have had gestational aging performed in this way by our TVS veterinarians.

Pregnancy diagnosis can also be performed in cattle using ultrasound, and some of our veterinarians use ultrasound extensively in early pregnancy diagnosis (5 - 6 weeks of gestation). Ultrasound does not replace manual pregnancy diagnosis and is used as an adjunct to manual pregnancy testing, and is useful in controlled joining herds.

Tableland Veterinary Service veterinarian Ian Hosie has been performing manual pregnancy testing for over 37 years and this experience and understanding of the northern cattle provides a valuable resource for training of our younger veterinarians in Charters Towers, Malanda and Atherton.  Ian still provides the bulk of the pregnancy diagnostic services for northern beef properties.

Dairy Cattle

Tableland Veterinary Service provides surgical, medical, reproductive and nutritional support for many of the dairies on the Atherton Tablelands. For over 37 years, Bill Tranter and Ian Hosie have provided care for dairy cattle. Bill Tranter is recognized internationally and has studied and lectured in New Zealand, the United States, Vietnam and now is employed as an adjunct Professor at James Cook University specifically for teaching Dairy Cattle Surgery, Medicine and Production, and has published on lameness in dairy cattle and has written chapters in text books. He provides veterinary care to our dairy clients. Veterinarians Sam Rowe, Ryan Cockrem, John Hosie and Mick Ruppin all provide a state of the art ambulatory service and teaching to James Cook University final year veterinary students.