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Our Groomers

Lin Klein has been a professional small animal groomer for over 40 years! She has a passion for the job and is excited to work in a great facility such as the one at Tableland Veterinary Service in Atherton. She has worked on both the east and west coast of the United States and has run several grooming businesses. She is great with animals and has worked extensively in dog obedience and behaviour training, meaning there are very few dogs or cats that don’t end up enjoying their day at TVS Pet Grooming with Lin.

Rachel Petersen has been grooming for 2 years and training with Lin. As Lin has said – she has trained a lot of groomers in her 40 years and Rachel is the best, she is personable and professional and her grooming is excellent!

Rachel and Lin are friendly, personable and passionate! No one will care more about how your dog and cats look and feel! Come and meet them and talk to them about the service TVS Grooming offers!

Our Facilities and Service

Our equipment is all of the highest standard and we are updating regularly to improve service and to help with your pet's comfort.

Each pet is examined thoroughly on arriving at the salon to evaluate it's individual needs and requirements. Because both Rachel and Lin have worked at Tableland Veterinary Service as receptionists and veterinary nurses, they will often pick up small lumps, bumps or rashes and if they are unable to help, they will be able to talk directly to the veterinarians or make a booking for the animal to be seen by a veterinarian.

Lin and Rachel are equipped with the knowledge and experience to teach each individual pet owner how to groom their pet correctly at home and supply the appropriate grooming tools for their breed and coat type.

Dog grooming is a specialized field. It is not easy to do well and can be hard work. But it is very rewarding to take a scruffy dog or cat and turn them into a beautifully groomed and happy animal. Pet grooming is a profession!